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Zeno - Listen To The Light (Japanese Version)

Reviewer :
Tom Coyne Format: Album
Release date: 1998-12-25 Year: 1998
Label: MTM
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


In typical Zeno and Uli Roth fashion,  the Japanese tease us with updates on a new record until virtually years go by until the record is actually unleashed on the public.  Well this is Uli's kid brother Zeno's third release and I for one have always found him far more interesting than his brother.  I adored his debut way back in '86 with the pompous overblown vocals of Michale Flexig and I thought the longawaited follow up three years ago was well worth the wait. So what do we have on tap here?  Flexig returns, which is always welcomed news for me and basically he and Zeno have done the whole record themselves. "Goddess of Sunrise" has an almost Egyptian or even Oriental sound to the guitars and is a brilliant song.  I mean this is really first rate stuff. Flexig is flexing his vocal chops and the production is mindblowing.  I know how much Fair Warning worship these guys and rightly so, for I mind Zeno and Flexie far more appealing than their German counterparts.  But that is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions..... Anyway,  "Love In Your Eyes" harkens to mind Zeno's debut some 12 years ago.  Great keys and that killer, killer guitar sound.  This guy has more tricks up his sleeve with guitar sounds than virtually anybody that I could think of. "I Would Die For You," as the title might suggest, is a big elaborate ballad that drips with emotion and when Flexie belts out, "For Now I know I would die for you," and Zeno's processed guitar licks jump through your speakers, the only thing left to say is, GENIUS!!  "Meet Me At The Rainbow" at times has a lot of Robbie Valentine influences in the keyboard department and Michael's vocals take on a style not at all dissimilar to Michael Kiske.  I mean this record is so goddamn good it is hard to put it across unless you just buy the goddamn thing and listen for yourself. Other forms of blatant genius come in the form of "Light of the Morning," "Follow the Wind," and the gorgeous "Listen to the Light." "Some Rocks Don't Roll" starts off with a very Hendrix/Trower riff and builds into a magnificent song with great synth parts and further exhibits why Flexig is one of the true gods of the melodic rock field.   A true master of his craft. Easily the best record I have heard this year so far, and of special note, the Jap. copy has a bonus cut that is quite excellent.


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