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Black Stone Cherry - Folklore and Superstition

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2008-08-16 Year: 2008
Label: The All Blacks U.S.A.
Genre: Southern Rock,  Hard Rock
Producer: Bob Marlette
Artist discography


This group know how they want their rock ’n’ roll, they want it old school with lots of blues influences and bleeding guitar solos. Imagine Silvertide with heavier guitars or Slash’s Snakepit and I think you get what kind of music Black Stone Cherry plays. They have got a nice southern rock sound to the music and a singer who sounds like he was born to sing this kind of music.

I am a big fan of Silvertide so I was really excited when I stumbled across this band on MySpace. I could not believe that they are signed to Roadrunner since this music is way less heavy than the usual crowd on that roster (not counting Nickelback and their clones). But I must really say that I think they have signed a gem of a band here. It feels refreshing to hear this kind of sound with all the polished bands out there. This is real rock ‘n’ roll!

From the start with the songs Blind Man and Please Come in to the closing songs Sunrise and The Ghost of Floyd Collins we are treated to a feast of songs that range from up-tempo blues rock song to piano-led ballads, like the wonderful Things My Father Said. Black Stone Cherry (BSC) does handle both rockers and ballads really well and there is a degree of consistency on this album that is to rare these days. So far, the only song that I do not really like is the Guns ‘n’ Roses influenced The Bitter End which has verses just sounds weird to me. Other tracks to recommend are Peace Is Free, Soulcreek and You, which are all great songs.

If you are a fan of the bands mentioned above and want some southern attitude with your rock, get this album for God’s sake! The iTunes version seems to have no less than 3 bonus tracks which I have not heard. My tip to you guys is to go for that version, because with songs like these, the more the merrier!

Tracklisting 1. Blind Man
2. Please Come In
3. Reverend Wrinkle
4. Soul Creek
5. Things My Father Said
6. The Bitter End
7. Long Sleeves
8. Peace Is Free
9. Devil's Queen
10. The Key
11. You
12. Sunrise
13. Ghost of Floyd Collins


Melodic Net Comments 

I was somewhat disappointed. It's hard to match a song like "Lonely Train" on the first album. "Blind Man" and "Sunrise" are both pretty good songs. It's seems like in a lot of songs that the guitar is just not pronounced enough and his voice isn't as clear as it should be. Great band, though.

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