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Motograter - Motograter

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-06-19
Label: Elektra Records
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: James Jimbo Barton
Artist discography


I don´t know why I skipped this album from numetal band Motograter in 2003, perhaps it was their monster mask image and the rather annoying rapmetal oriented opening track "Suffocate"?
But now when I finally gave it a chance, I must say that it´s a good album.
You might know the singer Ivan Moody in the post-Motograter bands Ghost Machine and Five Finger Death Punch, FFDP is a much more successful band than Motograter was but I think this album from 2003 is just as good as FFDP.
There are 22 tracks on the album but only 11 are actual songs, the others are short intros with backward titles of the real songs.
I like the balance between growls and clean vocals and the production is massive from James Jimbo Barton (Queensryche), just listen to the killer riff on "Red".

Tracklisting 1. Etacoffus
2. Suffocate - Explicit Version
3. Nwod
4. Down
5. Seicehporp
6. Prophecies
7. Gnorw
8. Wrong
9. Eman On
10. No Name
11. Espalloc
12. Collapse - Explicit Version
13. Ngised Wen
14. New Design
15. Der
16. Red
17. Ynitum
18. Mutiny
19. Kcab Teg
20. Get Back - Explicit Version
21. Thgif - 0021 Main Version
22. Fight


Melodic Net Comments 

Troy Kramm
Hey Kaj , great choice for old but fresh!!!

listen on spotify