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2am - When every second counts

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 1987
Label: RCA Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Jeremy Lewis / Geoff Higgins
Artist discography


I love this album! 2am´s "When every second counts" must be one of the best British hi-tech AOR releases.
Almost every song here could be released as a single back then but the lack of promotion from the label forced the duo to split up a year later in 1988.
The band consists of singer Dave Lloyd and guitarist Mark Thomas, to give you a historic lesson about Dave Lloyd - my first acquintance with him was in the band Nutz and their ultra cool NWOBHM track "Bootliggers" in 1981.
The band changed name to Rage and released 2 albums in "Nice´N´Dirty" (1982) and "Run for the night" (1982) that featured the minor hit "Cry from the hill".
And perhaps he did his best vocal performance on the 1987 album by 2am, this is super classy hi-tech AOR like a mix of FM, John Parr and What If.
My personal favorite songs are "Too late", "Never gonna let you escape", "You´re the one" and "Somebody someday".
You´re lucky if you have this in your collection!


Melodic Net Comments 

Bought this album on spec in the late 80s, at a time before we had the Web and the ability to use it to listen to stuff we had never heard b4. I would some times take a chance and just buy a record on spec and this was one of those. As Kaj says above, some great tracks, pity they didn't get the opportunity to work together longer.

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