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Various Artists - Think Tank Media Sampler Volume One

Greger Rönnqvist Format: Album
Release date: 1999-01-01
Label: Think Tank Media
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Lana Lane "QUEEN OF THE OCEAN" [9:52]

from the album Lana Lane - Queen of the Ocean

2. Rocket Scientists "WAKE ME UP" [5:42]

from the album Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture

3. Erik Norlander "CRITICAL MASS" [7:30]

from the album Erik Norlander - Threshold

4. Lana Lane "ESCHER'S STAIRCASE" [6:07]

from the albums Lana Lane - Curious Goods and Lana Lane - Echoes from the Ocean

5. Rocket Scientists "CALM BEFORE THE STORM" [5:06]

from the album Rocket Scientists - Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America

6. Lana Lane "EVOLUTION REVOLUTION" [8:17]

from the albums Lana Lane - Garden of the Moon and Lana Lane - Echoes from the Garden

7. Rocket Scientists "EARTHBOUND" [4:06]

from the album Rocket Scientists - Earthbound

8. Lana Lane "AVALON" [6:22] 

from the album Lana Lane - Ballad Collection

9. Lana Lane "A NIGHT IN THE GARDEN" [8:00]

from the album Lana Lane - Love is an Illusion 1998 Version

10. Neil Citron "CUP O' JOE" [5:50]

from the album Neil Citron - Guitar Dreams

11. Lana Lane "DESTINATION ROSWELL" [6:31]

from the album Lana Lane - Live in Japan

Think Tank Media is releasing a sampler with 11 of the best songs that's available from the company. For you who are unfamiliar with Think Tank Media, I can tell you that they've got Neil Citron, Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists under their wings. Their strongest artist is undoubtedly Lana Lane, but the man behind it all is Erik Norlander. He's songwriter, producer and keyboard player on almost everything that's originated from ThinkTank Media. This CD is perfect if you haven't heard anything from Think Tank Media, although if I had picked the songs my choices would've been slightly different. I would've wanted "Under the Olive Tree", "Leaving Stardust" or "Coloured Life" with Lana Lane and "Neuro Boogie" with Erik Norlander. But with such great catalogue it's hard to choose the absolute best, therefore I suggest that you buy'em all! 


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