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Ace Young - s/t

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: Fontana
Genre: Pop Rock
Producer: Desmond Child
Artist discography


It is kinda strange why I write about this album here at the melodic net, and perhaps even stranger that I like it. Or perhaps not. I have a wide taste of music and Ace (who have the leading roll in the Grease-musical in NY) is not the typical Melodic Net artist if we should put it like that. What we have here is a modern produced pop-artist with on one hand a sort of sound that Michael Jackson had back in the “Bad”-era (just listen to second out “The Letter” and you’ll understand) but there are also another side of the cake and that is the more straighter melodic poprock-side “Hard Hand To Hold” which is bloody marvelous huge-sounding bombastic poprock. Fourth out “You Redeem Me” starts out with a lonely piano and his solid voice and develops into a fantastic modern rock goes AOR-sort of refrain, and then I haven’t mentioned eight out “How You Gonna Spend Your Life” which also is a bombastic modernrock poptune with lovely harmonies. Huge. The album has so many sides… And the thing is… I like all of them cuz it is so well done. The production is so professional, the programming and arrangements on the “Michael Jackson-esque” tracks are so well done. It’s sort of schizophrenic and yes – you have to be a very open minded man like myself to enjoy the whole album. If you only like bombastic aor/modernrock smelling rock you will probably more or less think that the man is insane on the groovier tunes and if you are a dancing-man with the groove in your pants – you will not understand a single second of the standard rockers. Weird I know – but that’s the fact. This is the perfect iTunes-album where you can decide what tunes you should buy. For me – the whole album is a cool journey. And yes – I’m weird.

Tracklisting 1. Addicted
2. The Letter
3. A Hard Hand To Hold
4. You Redeem Me
5. Where Will You Go
6. Fast Life
7. Young Money
8. How You Gonna Spend Your Life
9. The Girl That Got Away
10. Dirty Mind
11. The Gift


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