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Flipp - Volume

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Artemis
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Art Alexakis
Artist discography


Ok,let?s get down to the point right away ?coz here?s some serious rocknroll bizniz! This is the most exciting melodic rocknroll record since Cheap Trick?s Heaven tonight in 78! We?re talking full time glamslam party rockmania! Flipp has 100% attitude and 150% energy plus overlimited intensity ready to burst anytime. Their new and 3rd album is glowing,just let me tell ya! We got four members looking like some villains from a batman movie except singer Brynn Arens who is like a mix between Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) and something from outerspace. The music is very much 70?s,well it?s like a tribute to bands like Kiss,Slade,Sweet,Alice Cooper, Gary Glitter and Cheap Trick. All the songs are killers and the production by Everclear?s guitarist Art Alexakis is over the top...GREEEEAAAAT,I have to look around because it feels like they?re playing in the same room I?m in. I could mention all the songs, every single one is fantastic! Very close to a masterpiece,I?m totally FLIPPin? out!!!!! The Volume is at max,Yeee aaa!


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