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Once Just - Stand

Reviewer :
Troy Kramm Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Indpendent
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Once Just
Artist discography


In the two years it took to record their follow up to “Imposter”, Once Just took a definite change in direction with their music. The reggae influence hit them hard, and you know what? It worked for them. “I am not just saying that, It really did!”

The reason it worked was because the boys didn’t forget or abandon what they had done on their first release; they just added some things to their repertoire. They were still known for their fun loving brand of music that had their fans singing along to, but this new direction actually made the band that much more interesting and unique.

Don’t just take my word for it, not just anyone can get the attention of the legendary Joey "shithead" Keithley ( of D.O.A). After hearing this release he was responsible for signing the boys to Sudden Death Records in 2006.

Stand is full of 17 tracks to sing along to any time of the day, whether you are having a bad day or a good day. You can’t help but love the music these guys make!

Again, it is hard to just pick a few favorite songs from this CD but because I have to, you should listen to “Sister”, “Sorry Sorry”, “As Ourselfs”, “Oh Oh” and “Faded Light”. These are prime examples of what you can expect form the rest of this album. Unfortunately for me this CD didn’t have that same wow factor as “Imposter” did but it is a very solid addition to any collection.

Tracklisting 1. Live life
2. That show
3. Tears of my eyes
4. Faded light*
5. Oh oh*
6. One step away
7. God
8. As ourselves (Ouda-Ouda)*
9. On a bad night*
10. Leave here soon
11. All my life
12. Machine*
13. One last shot
14. Let me be the one
15. Sorry sorry*
16. Sister*
17. Known by you



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