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Kissin´ Dynamite - Steel of Swabia

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2008
Label: EMI Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Artist discography


Here we have a new young band out of Germany that has released their debut album through a major label. It’s great to see youngsters deliver classic hardrock music and supported by a big company.
These guys are between 16 - 18 years old. Their singer Johannes Braun has an impressive voice and sounds awesome with both power and great feeling.
This is very typical German hardrock and reminds of bands like Scorpions, Pink Cream 69, Bonfire and put in some Finnish metal a´la Ari Koivunen. The songs are written by the band with some outside writers and they have come up with a strong melodic hardrock album with some heavier influences.

Out of the 12 songs they could have left out 3 named Steel Of Swabia (Hammerfall sounding power metal), Heart attack (weak rocker) and I Hate Hip Hop (the lyrics are funny but the song is just terrible).
The lyrics on a couple of songs on the album is not the strongest but they know how to make great melodic songs with huge hooklines. Just listen to the fantastic guitar rocker My Religion that sounds like a hungry TNT meets Ari Koivunen with a powerful chorus and stunning background vocals, great stuff.
Against The World is a stunning hardrock ballad that Scorpions would have loved to write these days.

Only The Good Die Young is a great straight ahead rocker with big hooklines with a catchy chorus in the same style as early Pink Cream 69. Lie For Me is another classy ballad with wonderful melodies and a superb chorus. I´m impressed by this band and their singer Hannes is just a joy to hear the hunger in his voice and man, he can really sing.
A strong melodic hardrock album with a couple of fantastic standout tracks and a top-notch production and these guys will rock the world for sure.
Sweden has H.e.a.t, Finland got Sturm Und Drang and now Germany just don’t have Tokio Hotel no they got Kissin´ Dynamite.
Check out Steel Of Swabia because it’s a damn good album.


Melodic Net Comments 

yea they've got d class.... the Vocalist has powerful voice....

I agree with you Flora, they are really good. Couple of songs takes down the grade in my opinion. The singer sounds awesome. Check out the Finnish act Sturm Und Drang also.

This group is so owsome the first time i heard them i didint think they were that young. the singer has such a powerful voice and the guitarists are great i luv this group, they should make more videos.