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Dan Wilson - Love Without Fear

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2014-04-15 Year: 2014
Label: Ballroom Music
Genre: Modern Singer Songwriter
Artist discography


Love Without Fear is the former Semisonic singer Dan Wilson's second solo album. His debut, Free Life was a nice record that after many ifs and buts was finally released on American Recordings, controlled by Rick Rubin. For a time it seemed that the album would not come out at all, but eventually it was available for purchase on the 16th October 2007.
This album is very reminiscent of Free Life with beautiful melodies like Semisonic, but packaged in a singer-songwriter package. Tracks like "When It Pleases You" and the Adam Cohen smellin "Too Much" are favorites on this very pleasant album. And that he can write great songs is no coincidence. He actually contributed with three songs to Adele's album, 21, which sold like 147 zillion copies and also gave him a Grammy. This album will not be around that kind of success, but it is nevertheless a very well and is must for fans of Semisonic, Brian Vander Ark and Adam Cohen.

Tracklisting 1. Love Without Fear
2. A Song Can Be About Anything
3. However Long
4. When It Pleases You
5. Disappearing
6. Too Much
7. Your Brighter Days
8. We Belong Together
9. Two
10. I Can Never Stay Mad at You
11. Even the Stars Are Sleeping


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