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Michael Behm - Saving America

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2009-01-01
Label: ? 2010 Premier
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Michael Behm
Artist discography


Isn´t Obama the right man to save America? Is Michael Behm the one?
Well, if music is the answer, then Michael Behm is halfway there with his new album "Saving America".
This is really smart powerpop for the music lovers that demand something more than simple bubblegum pop choruses, Behm´s songs goes deeper than that.
I recently discovered this guy on his 2005 album "Love songs for the emotionally impaired" and knew his new album would be something extra, I have listened to "Saving America" quite a lot lately and must say it´s even better than the previous record.
The half instrumental "Underground Epic" is classic rock at it´s best and the piano based "Lincoln" would make John Lennon proud.
"If I had a life" bring thoughts to Bleu and songs like "Ticket to heaven" and "If I could learn to fly" could´ve been featured on Tal Bachman´s excellent 1999 album.
The title track "Saving America" takes the listener back to the heydays of E.L.O, lovely!
Well, he might not save America but he could easily save your day!

Tracklisting 1. Don't Believe
2. Saving America
3. If I Could Learn To Fly
4. The Art Of Letting Go
5. Ticket To Heaven
6. Honesty
7. Lincoln
8. Underground Epic
9. If I Had A Life
10. Danger Boy
11. Take Me Down To The River


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Tony E
Wicked CD Michael Behm ROCKS

I have all his Cds and this one I love the best. Great vocals and Lincoln made me cry. This is a great CD good luck. Chris

listen on spotify