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H.E.A.T - Tearing Down the Walls

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2014-04-11 Year: 2014
Label: earMUSIC
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Sweden´s AOR-rockers H.e.a.t has a new album their 4th on the way called Tearing Down The Walls. This is the 2nd with Erik Gronwall on vocals and the first without guitarist Dave Dalone. Dave was one the main songwriters in the band, so the question was how would they manage to record a new album without him? Well, I can say that they have survived his departure more than good because this new album is nothing but a pure monster AOR record. Tobias Lindell has yet again been behind the production with outstanding result because this sounds as good as Address The Nation if not even better, the sound is huge and crystal clear. The album opens up with the great Point Of No Return that is a perfect opener and is as huge as Breaking The Silence that opened up Address The Nation. Yes, the chorus is huge with powerful background vocals and stunning melodies. There´s couple of tracks on this new album that are more rougher with crunchy guitars and with less keyboards but these guys knows how to bring the right melodic elemnts to make the songs sound perfect. There´s still lots of Europe and Giant influences in their sound. The first single A Shot At Redemption is a proof of that. The chorus has a sing-a-long feel over it. Inferno is a hard hitting rocker that reminds more of Crazy Lixx than H.e.a.t, but the chorus is is catchy as hell and it will stay in your head. Mid-tempo melodic rocker Tearing Down The Walls is fantastic with a superb chorus. I don´t know what Britney Spears or Max Martin would say when they hear Mannequin Show because the chorus reminds very much of Oops.. I did it again. The chorus is damn catchy but as I said maybe too much stolen from the mentioned song. Next up is the song of the album called We Will Never Die. This is H.e.a.t at their peak because here you get fluffy keyboards, fantastic guitars and huge hooklines. The chorus is AOR by numbers and can be counted as one of the best H.e.a.t songs, I love it. Another winner on this album is the brilliant AOR-rocker Emergency with superb crunchy guitars and melodies and shouts Giant all the way. The wonderful piano ballad All The Nights is pure magic were Erik sings his heart out. More stunning AOR can be heard on Eye For An Eye with heavy riffs but very melodic that has little Nickelback feel over them and layers of keyboards in the background, the pure AOR chorus is awesome with great hooks and powerful background vocals. The only average song on the album is the Hardcore Superstar sounding Enemy In Me that don´t work for me. It´s OK but if you compare to the rest of the album it´s just OK, nothing more. The album rounds off with Laughing At Tomorrow and is another proof that these guys can write damn catchy AOR-songs, this time the harmonies and hooklines are high quality stuff. H.e.a.t fans don´t have to worry because their new album is awesome, even if this time around the variation is wider. But they have not forgotten how to write AOR gems and Erik sings stunning. Now I want to hear these songs live because they will sounds huge on stage. Well done guys.


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