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The Temple of Now - Two Worlds

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2008-09-04
Label: Temple of Now Productions
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


The Temple of Now is a 2-man project from USA with multi-instrumentalists Cal Cox and Dave Baxley. This is pop/rock with some fusion influences they offer us on Two Worlds. Cal is a Steve Perry look and sound-a-like but without the soul, passion that Mr. Journey has and sometimes he gets too high pitched for my taste. The production is also weak and the drum sound is really bad and need more power.
Because of the weak production the songs don’t sound that interesting either and they don’t have strong melodies or hooks to catch my music ear.
There’s one track called Stained that is worth a mention. This is a nice AORish rocker that reminds of Artica and Biloxi, but that’s the only one. No, this is an album you can forget.

Tracklisting 1. Another Day
2. Temple Of Now
3. Stained
4. The Simple Truth
5. Something More
6. Reflections
7. Once Upon A Dream
8. The Other Side Of The Darkness
9. Time Is Slipping Away
10. Crying
11. Beyond All Pain
12. Q-37
13. Make It Real
14. Riptide


Melodic Net Comments 

I liked this album a lot. If you don't like Prog-rock, then you won't enjoy this one. "Another Day" and "Once Upon a Dream" are songs I'd recommend, and it's refreshing to hear this kind of creativity these days.
2011-06-03 20:24:00

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