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The Arkitecht - Hyperstructure

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2008-11-26
Label: The Arkitecht
Genre: Metal
Producer: Genaro Ochoa
Artist discography


Mexico is a totally new music scene for me, but I guess with all those people living there - a certain percent must be into rock music.
The Arkitecht is exactly one of those bands, well it´s a one man band with Genaro Ochoa being the mastermind behind this album "Hyperstructure".
Genaro wrote all the music, produced the album and played guitars, bass, drumprogramming and keyboards.
He´s had help from Dante Diaz and Alvaro Lamadrid - vocals plus Cesar Huesca - guitarsolos.
Genaro is influenced by progressive rock as well as trash metal and even film music, in some moments the music feels like an orchestral version of Pantera while in others my thoughts go to Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater.

I am amazed over how well performed this album is, you should definitely check out myspace if you´re into progressive metal because I found myself diggin the music quite a lot during the album´s length of 64 minutes.
"The 20th century feast and the Millennium hangover" is one of the highlights along with "Children of the gods" and the title track.
The 32 minute long "Face thief" is like a soundtrack score, the song never gets boring to listen to and when the music gets really pompous - I surrender completely and want to give the album 4 stars.
But the mid part of the album is a bit weaker with tracks like "Through broken glass" and "Elation" so I will stick with 3,5 which makes this highly recommendable too!

Tracklisting 1. Blackout
2. The Twenthieth Century Feast And The Millenium Hangover
3. Through Broken Glass
4. Elation
5. Children Of The Gods
6. Hyperstructure
7. Face Thief


Melodic Net Comments 

Nina Rota
Cool stuff, definitely!! You rock, baby!!

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