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Guitars That Ate My Brain - s/t

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Magna Carta
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Bumblefoot, Mike Varney and Peter Morticelli
Artist discography


The guitarists:
Paul Waggoner of Between The Buried And Me
Kris Norris of Darkest Hour / Kris Norris Projekt
Dave Martone
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of GunsNRoses
Eyal Levi & Emil Wrestler of Dååth
Shane Gibson of KoRn
Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad / Steve Vai
Chris Poland of OHM
Ola Frenning & Christofer Malmström of Soilwork / Darkane
Mike Orlando
James Murphy of Testament
Hugues Lefebvre & Yann Mouhad of Anthropia

The songs: (All tracks were recorded exclusively for this album and have never been heard before on any other recording)
Boot dagger boogie - a cool crossover between hardrock and fusion, smart guitarplaying from Paul Waggoner
The life and times of Sir Walter Sickert - Kris Norris best instrumental song so far, like an oriental version of King Crimson
Hybrid angels - this heavy rocker is one of the highlights on this album, excellent riffs and solos from Dave Martone
Disengaged - a real melodic and varied tune from Bumblefoot himself showing why he´s one of the best around
The unwavering collapse - an average Satriani influenced rocker featuring speed solos from Levi and Wrestler
Artichoke Samurai - my favorite, great riffs and a brilliant heavy jazzrock song from Shane Gibson
Nerd Alert - sounds like Devin Townsend drank too many cups of coffee and watched Clockwork Orange too many times in a row, total craziness
L.D.E - a basic heavy metal song in the Black Sabbath / Dio vein from Mike Orlando, not bad not great - just ok
Hydra - a typical instrumental hardrock song with too many annoying speed solos from the Soilwork guys, a filler
Stomped - anthemic powermetal with interesting guitarwork from Mike Orlando, indeed a good song
Maiden Voyage - another highlight from James Murphy in the classic hard rock style, thumbs up for more melodies than solos
Schrödinger´s cat paradox - progressive metal in a low budget production, I can see why it´s the last song on the album

Album length : 62 minutes


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