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SOMASTATE - Reversals

Troy Kramm Format: Ep
Year: 2008
Label: Indpendent
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Hard rock bands are a dime a dozen in Canada, so to actually get noticed takes something special. There is something intriguing about SOMASTATE, they may just have that “something”. These five guys from Calgary, Alberta mix heavy guitar driven sounds with simple yet incredibly catchy choruses. This helps make the band appeal to a wide range of people. When doing this, some bands can risk alienating themselves from a particular fan base all together but I think SOMASTATE have really found their niche.

You can easily hear how the band is inspired by artists such as Thrice, the Deftones, Norma Jean and In Flames (Not a bad group of people to be inspired after if I do say so myself), but they don’t imitate these bands. This EP first starts off with a quiet piano interlude before bursting into their most captivating song “Wrapped Around a Bullet”. This is a song that I dream of seeing a high budget music video for. The next song is “Juniper” which has taken some time to grown on me but it is definitely a favorite as well. It may not have the harmonies of some of the other songs on the disc, but this song screams of emotion and pure aggression. The guys then change things up with the song “Sing Gloria” which starts off with a guitar riff that sounds almost punk influenced before turning into another hard rock gem. This song is another that just simply grows on you. I don’t think I can remember a CD that has gotten better and better to my ears after each and every listen as much as this EP. This band went from a band that I like to a band that I love. What is even more impressive is that before receiving this CD I had never heard a thing from these guys. I could go on and on about the songs on this album but rather than that I will sum things up by saying that this is a great release. I cannot wait for a full length CD from these guys. Give this a listen and make sure you check out their new songs. It is a shame that rock music like this can go unnoticed for so long.

One last note, the final song on this CD “To Return”, I don’t think they could have picked a better song to end this disc with. WOW, I want more of that on the next release guys

Tracklisting 1. Wrapped Around A Bullet
2. Juniper
3. Sing Gloria
4. Reversals
5. Oceans Away
6. These Darkest Paths
7. Sweet Revelation
8. To Return


Melodic Net Comments 

=) awesome ep

Hell yeah! Somastate all the way

Skarroooo It Skyy
yes, they are pretty much amazing!!!! <3

Just checked them out. SO GOOD!!!! great review.

listen on spotify