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The Dangerous Summer - Reach For The Sun

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Year: 2009
Label: Hopeless Records
Genre: Emo
Producer: Paul Leavitt
Artist discography


May 5th marks the debut full length album from the Maryland-based indie pop rockers, The Dangerous Summer. They gave us a taste of what was to come with the early 7 song demo "If You Could Only Keep Me Alive." This release though is a step above the rest. Their infectious pop rock combines elements of Jimmy Eat World, Sullivan, Anberlin and This Day and Age among others of its surrounding genre. "Where I Want To Be" opens the album with its hard hitting power pop and catchy chorus. The production is solid with guitars gleaming throughout. "Symmetry" has an almost hit single vibe written all over it. Its sound delegates the constant drum creating its sudden urgency.

The vocals on this album are the ear catcher. Aj Perdomo┬┤s vocals have really progressed from the first EP. His voice has presence and passion while keeping an slight rasp to it. Each chorus on this album pops out and you instantly know what is it. "Surfaced" shows the amazing drumming ability from Tyler Minsberg and the ever hook laden chorus. Bryan Czap and Cody Payne handle the rest of the duties on guitars and shine the entire way. The title track "Reach For The Sun" has single ready verses into a plethora of muscial goodness which inlays this tune.

"Northern Lights" is also another favorite reminding me of the early Copeland sound on the instruments and vocals. "This Is War" has a great opening of delayed guitars in perfect sequence. If your looking for a great album with countless hooks and ear grabbing music, this is it. I can honestly say this is anything original in this day but its still refreshing nonetheless and a great display of growth and dimension from this artists I have been following for some time.

Tracklisting 1. Where I Want To Be
2. Settle Down
3. Weathered
4. Symmetry
5. Surfaced
6. A Space To Grow
7. Reach For The Sun
8. The Permanent Rain
9. Northern Lights
10. This Is War
11. Never Feel Alone


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