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Taking Back Sunday - New Again

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2009-06-01 Year: 2009
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Emo
Producer: David Kahne
Artist discography


The question everyone is waiting for is if the new Taking Back Sunday will be as good minus one of their biggest song writers Fred, who is now sporting his solo career. From the opening title track "New Again" the band seems to have a fresh new energy and attitude on this record. More straight forward riffs on the opener and a nice catchy Taking Back Sunday-ish style chorus. The "Heys" and hand claps follow into a yelling frenzy on "Sink Into Me." Great single material as heard on their Myspace. "Lonely, Lonely" brings us into a harder rock riffs that comes more into the album as well. The guitar tones are more almost heavy than the usual tone we hear from the back.

The attitude in Adam´s voice is perfect for this type of song. "Summer, Man" is a very almost early 90´s bush meets Weezer vibe. A perfect summer rocker, the heavy guitar tone in the verses bleed well into one of the catchiest choruses from the band to date. this song could have some influence on whats been happening in the TBS camp as of late. Fantastic song nonetheless and would do great as a single. "Swing" hass the urgency the band is known for and the high guitar riffs, reminiscent of songs from "Pet Your Friends." "Where My Mouth Is" is a unique song for the band. Think Jimmy Eat World on this one, starts off with the acoustic and busts into a catchy chorus ballad of melodic hooks and high guitar parts that keeps the feel mellow. Could be another radio smash. "Capital ME" and "Carpathia" shows the new side of Taking Back Sunday, bringing back the raspy vocals and the different musical arrangements that is a fresh new approach into the main straight up rocking fast choruses. "Everything Must Go" ends the new album well. The slower start eludes the listener until the chorus kicks into an array of guitar tones and hooks.

I will say I do miss Freds voice in the mix, but I think this more straight forward Taking Back Sunday sound on this record can take the band into a more mainstream audience. Many songs have a more radio sound on them, but not in the cheesy way. the band does it really well and have had many radio hits on albums in the past. I think the production from David Kahne helped a lot whose production credits include Paul McCartney, The Strokes and Sublime. David may have had some influence on these catchier tunes. There are some great songs on the album and also some filler tracks but more great than filler. I think this is going to be a great album of the band is right singles are chosen. Great work guys.

Tracklisting 1. New Again
2. Sink Into Me
3. Lonely, Lonely
4. Summer, Man
5. Swing
6. Where My Mouth Is
7. Cut Me Up Jenny
8. Catholic Knees
9. Capital M-E
10. Carpathia
11. Everything Must Go


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