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Tantric - Mind Control

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2009-08-04
Label: Silent Majority Group
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Brett Hestla
Artist discography


There is no doubt Tantric has changed throughout their entire career. Changes in the band members has been the most prominent. From the former Days of the New members forming the band and all eventually exiting after the first 2 releases, to the newly formed evolving lineup. The constant has been singer Hugo Ferreira. Hugo has been the one deciding factor of the longevity of this band. With their 4th release to date, "Mind Control" you will see a reinvention of the group and an almost completely new sound. The sound started to stray away from the previous 2 albums with "The End Begins," as if the title didn’t give it away. When the original members departed, Ferreira found new life in other members and a new meaning for the band. The music has evolved into a less acoustic dominant basis to a more heavier modern rock scope. More along the lines of Burn Halo, Buckcherry and Hinder.

The second release on Silent Majority Group, "Mind Control" opens with a distorted riff and thunderous drum production to introduce or re-introduce you to the new guys. The band on this album has a fire that the last 2 lacked. You can definitely tell the band is gelling better together and it comes across in the music. ”Fall To The Ground" and "Come Undone" aren’t to reminiscent of the Tantric we know, but more a of a breath of fresh air. If Hugo wasn’t singing in his signature low growl, i would not have known this was the same band. “The Past Is The Past” says it all in the new chapter of the band this time around. Actually, "Intermezzo" an instrumental breakdown (no pun intended) has the most reminiscent surroundings of the bands earlier work. the jamming and the overall vibe of this album sets an interlude to the next half of the album. “What Are You Waiting For” and “Guiding Me” are some other great classic Tantric tracks on the album.

The album is released tomorrow (August 4), produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Framing Hanley, Dark New Day) this album will pound in any stereo. the drums are killer on the record, sometimes a little too killer. Tantric is taking the game to the next level. Is this too much like others on the radio or will they finally break with this album. Only time will tell, good things in store for the group though for the group.

Tracklisting 1. Mind Control
2. Fall To The Ground
3. Coming Undone
4. Desert Me
5. The Past Is The Past
6. Kick Back
7. Intermezzo
8. Run Out
9. Walk Away
10. What Are You Waiting For
11. Let's Start
12. Guiding Me


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