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Cavo - Bright Nights, Dark Days

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2009-08-11 Year: 2009
Label: Warner / Reprise
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: David Bendeth
Artist discography


I really liked Cavo┬┤s debut album "The Painful Art Of Letting Go" from 2007. With a straight and neat rock in a slightly tougher costume they delivered in the same class as July For Kings, Tupelo Honey at their best moments, but also not far from Collective Soul with an extra layer of guitars. So was very pleased when I saw that they were signed to Warner / Reprise in 2008 as this tends to imply a higher budget and production, a better album in other words. And have to say that "Bright Nights, Dark Days" is even better than I thought. They have a fairly common style, there are many bands that sound similar, and so they must rely on very strong songs. But they have really done a very even album without filler material, listen only the two last songs "Over again" and "Useless", which had been early on many other albums. The production signed David Bendeth is another part which is great. With previous super jobs with Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, The Red Jump Suit Apparatus, and many others, he has also done a perfect job with Cavo. It is amazing well sounding without being overproduced and clinical; their pop melodies have got a perfect sting. So if you like a little straighter modern rock without bigger surprises, other than very good songs this album from Cavo is one of the most given albums of 2009. Impressive!

Tracklisting 1. Champagne
2. Crash
3. Let It Go
4. Cry Wolf
5. Ghost
6. Blame
7. My Little Secret
8. Beautiful
9. We All Fall Down
10. Over Again
11. Useless


Melodic Net Comments 

Henrik / Melodic
I guess this is the same deal as Daughtry. Good but nothing really new and exciting... I would buy this album though, a safe buy for every lover of what we call modern rock!

Wippson says:"they have a very common style, there are many bands that sound similar, and so they must rely on very strong songs.But they have really done a very even album without filler material".Well, there is not much reality in this review. What strong songs are these? Most of the songs on this record are mediocre, some even blatantly weak. I would say lots of filler material, so its even alright...Its all been done so many times before, from Daughtry to David Cook to The Veer Union to Hinder and so on, some of the songwriters are the same so its really no wonder.( the most surprising thing is that Brian Howes didnt co-write or produce songs on this recocord). I usually like David Bendeth produced records, but I am not so happy about his performance here, because part of the producers role is actually to decide what is the best songs for the record.The production is by all means clinical and completely without force in my opinion.

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