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Kiss - Sonic Boom

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2009-10-06 Year: 2009
Label: Kiss Records
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Paul Stanley
Artist discography


The question that has plagued many classic rock acts as to how you make a record sound like your older material but not sound like your trying to hard? Well the answer is - don´t over do it, use old technology and have someone in the band produce the record. The new Kiss record, "Sonic Boom," released on October 6 has done just that. I had my doubts like every other fan out there, especially after the uber-produced last record "Psycho Circus" released in 1998 and the atrocious solo albums that have followed in the past few years.
Well the band has done it. They have captured a sound on this new record that came right from their 70´s heyday era. Produced by the Starchild himself, Paul Stanley, Kiss is back and rock n´ rolling all nite and partying everyday. No Ace Frehley or Peter Criss on this album. but Gene and Paul have the reunited with Eric Singer on Drums and the addition of Tommy Thayer on Lead Guitar which gives the band a fresh new attitude. Even though all the original members arent present, the Kiss riffs are full on Kiss attitude with no auto tune or any of that new audio technology enhancement nonsense. The band maintains the sounds of the early 70´s mixed with some 80´s styles the band has acquired throughout their classic years. The album opens with the new single "Modern Day Delilah" and rocks just like the "Detroyer" years. You can get a taste of this song at "Russian Roulette" follows with the signature Demon bass man singing the majority of this tune that screams melody. The vocals from Stanley and Simmons don´t miss a beat, even if they are in their mid 50´s."Yes I Know (Nobody´s Perfect)" was pulled right out from 1977 as i can imagine the band playing this one at a small club before their rise to fame. Great vocals from Gene and Paul as they helm most of the new album. "Stand" hits us with a more mainstream kiss sound and would be a great second single with it´s "God Gave Rock N´ Roll To You" reminiscence. The "Revenge" era gang vocalss slows down to a breakdown of vocal delight over the clean guitars. Thayer really shows off his Spaceman-like guitar solos and sad to say buy you forget its not Ace playing. "Hot and Cold" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, with its classic "Deuce" style hook-laden rock and some cowbell as well. The chorus has Simmons repeating "If its too hot, youre too cold, If it´s too loud, youre too old" will be stuck in your head for days. Even if the lyrics don´t look great on paper (or typed), you´ll be head bobbin and humming along in no time. "All For the Glory" has some additional vocals by Eric Singer who adds his raspy vocals as the new catman for 2009. "I´m An Animal" has a very old school Kiss vibe mixed with a zeppelin-esque riffs that is little bit different for the band but works on the same level. The band has once again reclaimed that they are top dogs in the classic rock world. Even though Kiss isn´t considered one of the best classic rock bands because of their theatrics, this CD will stand the test of time, knowing how many classic bands have tried to reclaim their early status and failed miserably. This record may not sell millions but i know for the die hard fans and fans alike, this album will get a sure smile out of any rock and roll fan. Bring out the leather heels and the makeup, even though they haven´t left, Kiss is back and better than ever!

Tracklisting 1. Modern Day Delilah
2. Russian Roulette
3. Never Enough
4. Yes I Know [Nobody's Perfect]
5. Stand
6. Hot and Cold
7. All For The Glory
8. Danger Us
9. I'm An Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yeah
12. Deuce
13. Detroit Rock City
14. Shout It Out Loud
15. Hotter Than Hell
16. Calling Dr. Love
17. Love Gun
18. I Was Made For Lovin' You
19. Heaven's On Fire
20. Lick It Up
21. I Love It Loud
22. Forever
23. Christine Sixteen
24. Do You Love Me?
25. Black Diamond
26. Rock And Roll All Nite


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