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Robby Valentine - Bizarro World

Reviewer :
Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2014-10-25 Year: 2014
Genre: AOR,  Glam Rock,  Pop Rock
Producer: Robby Valentine
Artist discography


Multi instrumentalist and singer Robby Valentine has recorded a new album under the title "Bizarro World". on October 25th the official release will be presented at a releaseparty at P3 in Purmerend - Netherlands.

Bizarro World is written, arranged, performed and produced by Robby Valentine himself with additional harmony vocals only on three songs.
A classic piano interlude pulls you into the epic and bombastic sound of the titlesong, this anthem is exactly what can be expected when you buy a Valentine album.
Next up is "Rockstar" which has a real metal riff as the spine, refreshing!
"You are Tearing me Down" is a song with here and there some guitarparts, but mainly focusses on being modern pop instead of rock. so a littlebit a sidestep, which to me is not in line with the rest of the album but nicely excecuted.
"Deadbeat Boy" like on previous albums has a more 40's and 50's vibe, but with some other influences like Queen all moulded together in a fine timeless song.
"Schitzopnonicated" takes us s back to the epic bombastic Valentine sound with occasionally some Muse influences. A fantastic song.
"Trip to the Moon" is one of the best songs on the album containing great diverse vocals, musical craftmanship and atmosphere.
"Close the Door" is a powerballad about a troubled relationship sung from the heart with a slightly rawer edge in the chorus.
"From Dusk till Dawn" has a great English synth rythm which remembers me of the old Dr. Who tv series years ago. other influences are clearly Muse and Queen (Nothing's gonna stop us).
"Save our Souls" A more moody song about how bizar the world is today with occasionally some slightly heavy bridges.
"Black Rain" to me is also one of the strongest songs on this album, i am loving the very catchy lines, the vocals, the guitar, simply everything. With good marketing, a big record company behind it and lots of online sharing this would easily become a huge hit.
"The Mistake" rounds up this album like it started, with a great epic piano but this time as a complete ballad showing us Robby's voice clear as crystal.

This album is diverse, thrilling, and amazing.
The fact that all instruments are played by only one person clearly shows the world how talented Robby Valentine is.
One of the most underestimated artists out there.

Tracklisting 1: Interlude Bizarre
2: Bizarro World *
3: Rockstar *
4: You're Tearing me Down
5: Deadbeat Boy
6: Schitzophonicated *
7: Trip to the Moon *
8: Close the Door
9: From Dusk till Dawn *
10: Save our Souls
11: Black Rain *
12:The Mistake



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