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Al Rose - My first posthumous release

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2008-02-13
Label: Monkey Holding Peach / Hemifran
Genre: Folk Rock
Producer: Al Rose / Blaise Barton
Artist discography


There´s one thing about Al Rose´s album "My first posthumous release" that I like quite a lot and it´s the fact that it feels like Al and his band are playing in my living room.
I think it´s the production that makes them so close in the speaker system, you get a feeling of having the band at home "hear and now" so to speak.
I´m not a huge fan of bluesy folkrock but when the music bring thoughts to Neil Young, I raise my eyebrows and listen carefully.
The rocking "All the trains are gone" could´ve been featured on Young´s 1979 album "Rust never sleeps", great song.
The 3-4 last songs on the album pays a visit in Johnny Cash land and they don´t fit in on this Bob Dylan-soundalike album.
A decent record that won´t make it´s way back into my speaker system I´m afraid.

Tracklisting 1. Down The Mississippi
2. My First Posthumous Release
3. I'm Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
4. All The Trains Are Gone
5. The Miracle Of Pain
6. Luck And Circumstance Blues
7. Infectious Smile
8. Haiku Blues (Neither/Nor)
9. Guilty Pleasure
10. Mud On Mud
11. Ruby Shade
12. Soft Core Hope
13. Half A Waltz


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