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tAKiDA - The Darker Instinct

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2009-09-03
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Jacob Hellner
Artist discography


Takida has become one of the biggest selling rock bands in Sweden thanks to the huge hit "Curly sue" in 2007 that was the most added track on Swedish radio and it´s not easy for the band to follow up such a successful album. They have to please their young fans as well as not being too heavy to fit the right format of family oriented tv shows, the sound must be polished to suit radio so they brought in Jacob Hellner (Rammstein) and he´s nothing but a pro for the job. But everything is limited with their new album "The darker instinct", it´s like watching a horror movie made for the kids that isn´t terrifying enough which is ok if you love Scooby Doo. The first single "As you die" is one of the best tracks on the album but it´s also one of the heaviest songs too, the soft pop/rocker "Caroline" could´ve been a song they got from Chad Kroeger and my guess is that it´s the next radio single. My question is "What´s the fuss all about?", sure the kids will like it but there should be a crime against using the same melody more than twice. Takida´s singer has the same vocal range as the intelligence of a gold fish.

Tracklisting 1. Get Me Started
2. As You Die
3. End Is Near
4. Never Alone Always Alone
5. The Things We Owe
6. Deadlock
7. Walk On By
8. Caroline
9. Hours
10. Between The Lines
11. Tonight
12. Trigger
13. Too Late
14. Never Alone Always Alone - Box Room Version
15. Between The Lines - Orchestral Version


Melodic Net Comments 

not the best album but in the same vein of bury the lies.

Fuck off!
The best fucking song ever!

Henrik / Melodic
I've got one word: BORING! I can't believe how thay have gone downhill since their debut. I have that album on real CD but I would never dream of buying this as there are hundreds of CDs I would listen to before i'd chuck this in my record player. This is a prime example of how trying to get bigger audiences can ruin a previously good band. I promise you that this will sell really well in Sweden though

i totaly agree, i even think that the rating is too high... song after song in the same tone. it's so boring! if you're gonna listen to takida, get their first album and forget about everything else they have done.

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