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Ali Eskandarian - Nothing To Say

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2006-05-11
Label: Roja Records
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Rob Friedman
Artist discography


Ali Eskandarian was born a few months before the climax of the Iranian revolution September 11th 1978 in Pensacola Florida where his father was being trained by the Americans. Upon the completion of the training Ali and his family returned to Tehran, Iran´s capital and the family hometown. After the war was over and the Ayatollah Khomeini died (1989) the family moved to Aachen, Germany and were granted political asylum by the German government. After nearly 2 years in Germany the family were granted political asylum by the US government and moved to Dallas, Texas where Ali went to High School and College. So we can thank the Ayatollah for giving us Ali´s music cause this album is a good one. If I should tryto explain the music I can tell you that the man is infuenced by Bob Dylan, Neil Young and an acoutic version of Tom Petty. And he is doin´ it fine. One example is "Black Tar Man" which is absolutely marvellous with such strong lyrics. And there are more. Check this man up if you like the names I just mentioned.

Tracklisting 1. Walking Up Is Hard To Do
2. Memphis
3. All We Do
4. Black Tar Man
5. Dangerous Road
6. Government Meat
7. Nobody
8. Her Red Leather Hat
9. Johny Goes To War
10. Eastern Fancy


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