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Aggressive Chill - Destination 7734

Henrik Holmgren Format: Promo
Release date: 2009-10-05
Label: Held Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Tobias Lindell
Artist discography


Aggressive Chill is a Swedish band from the little town of Strömstad. Please ignore the fact that they have one of the most terrible names in a long time, the review is based on the music, not the band name. Aggressive Chill released their debut album in 2008 and here in late 2009 it is time for the follow up. On the new album, they mix up their hard rock with some guest appearances like, among others, the Prague Symphonic Orchestra. They are currently on tour with fellow Swedes Mustasch and there is a similarity in the sound of the two bands. One could also hear traces of Creed, Soil and Sparzanza along with Alice in Chains in their music.
The band open the album great with the hard hitting "Cockroach" and there are plenty of riffs and pounding drums here, they also have a lot of strings arrangements here and that adds a different flavor to the music. Third out is the first single, "Insomnia", which is a calmer song with a lot of strings and an acoustic guitar solo. I can see why they chose this as the first single as it is one of the best songs on the album and a song that Takida could only dream of writing.
After that song the tempo goes back up again and on the song "Understand Me" I can hear Middle Eastern sounds in the intro and here they really sound like Soil. They really go all in here and deliver a lot of good heavy rock songs with tons of really cool riffs that will make you nod your head and/or tap your foot to them, guaranteed! I love the blues influences in some of the songs, like "Chill Pimp".   
This album is a proof that Swedish Hard Rock and Metal still stands proud and with bands like Aggressive Chill on the rising, there are no real worries about the future. This was a nice surprise and a very good album.

Tracklisting 1. Cockroach
2. Done By A Fool
3. Insomnia
4. Empathy
5. Understand Me
6. Outer Edge
7. Red Run Disease
8. Chill Pimp
9. A Moment In Hands
10. Rust
11. Destination 7734


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Its Awesome!!

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