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Vanity Ink - More Sensless Random Behaviour

Henrik Holmgren Format: Promo
Release date: 2009-09-28
Label: Swedmetal Records
Genre: Glam Rock
Producer: unknown
Artist discography


Finnish rockers Vanity Ink signed to SwedMetal Records earlier this year. I can see why, they fit the roster perfectly with their glam rock. Having a female singer make them more unique on the market as well and I cannot help but compare them to label mates Cherry Lips from Italy. I am not the biggest fan of Cherry Lips and Vanity Ink is thankfully better than them. However, even with a female singer they tend to blend into the crowd of glam rock bands out there. I just cannot tell these guys from the next band. After listening to this album a few times, not many songs stick. They just pass on in the background and it is a shame as this is a very talented band. It gets a bit more interesting when they slow things down and my favorite song is "Breathe", that one sounds very much Skunk Anansie. Other than that, I cannot really give you any highlights. None of the songs are actually bad, they just do not have any staying power. You should have a listen though, you might like it.

Tracklisting 1. Smell the party
2. Lets go down
3. Fine by thursday
4. Breathe*
5. Rolling Stones
6. Versus
7. A song on the B side
8. Modern day saviour
9. Oh Sue
10. Rock and roll
11. Everybodymoveeverybodygethurt



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