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1969 - Maya

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2008-03-26
Label: Powerballad
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Butch Walker
Artist discography


Butch Walker is truly the king of cool and innovative modern rock. Ever since the Marvelous 3, I have been a big fan of him and my enthusiasm has not declined over the years. It is fanatically how he managed to change the shape from the more punk orientated and tougher power-pop, to the screw-down singer songwriter rock to even this more like U2 rock. Impressive! 1969 was a short-lived projects with Michael Chislett and Darren Dodd, guitarist and drummer of his solo band the Let´s-Go-Out-Tonite. They wrote and recorded "Maya" at only three days which is crazy impressive, given what we have managed to create on this album. Would not like to say that it is the best Butch has been involved in, but the 1969 debut is a stylish and solid experience. Think early U2 and Echo & The Bunnymen, but to a more modern approach ala Angels & Airwaves with great melodies and direct choruses. Not unique or own, but uncomplicated and good song material all the way! It did not happen a lot with this project and it is doubtful if we hear anything more from them. A little sad to say since I think that they had a lot more to give us. But if you Butch and what he has done before, so this is somewhat inaccessible albums really worth to get.


Melodic Net Comments 

hey Jim, I write in Swedish and uses google translate to make it sound a little better. So be glad that I doesn't write in English from the start :)

I must defend my old pals again by saying, English isn´t the native language for Johan. Just read the reviews with musical references and if the reviewer says the album is good or bad.

Grammar is a minefield into which only the most foolhardy march unprotected...

Can you morons learn how to use proper grammar? Or at least re-read before you submit? PS Butch is awesome.