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Scorpions - Return to Forever

Reviewer :
Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2015-02-23 Year: 2015
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


It's 1965 when Rudolf Schenker starts a band in Hannover.
At that time he could not have dreamed how huge this would get.
Now, many years later they cellebrate their 50 year anniversary with this Fantastic rock album.

They haven't made an album as fresh as this one for years.
With its razorsharp guitars, great melodic harmonies and hymns they still rule as Germans most succesfull rockband, miles ahead of good followers Edguy and Rammstein.

After planning to split up the band a few years ago they simply threw that plan in the dumpster because they just have to much fun to play together. 
This is not about the money, they shure have enough of that. 
When you listen to this album you clearly hear the joy and fun of playing together as friends.
Its sounds fresh as kristalclear water.

Rudolf still rules with his edgy guitarriffs full of hook while Mattias Jabs delivers his wonderfull guitarmelodies from his fingers.
Klaus still has his own unique voice is good shape.

So what can we say about the songs?
Well, there are a few songs that taste like the finest wine or the sweetest candy, like for example the classic hymn "House of Cards" and the easy listening ballad "Eye of the Storm".
On the other hand, don't think this album is soft, there are also many real rockers on Return to Forever like "Hard Rockin'the place", "Rock n Roll Band", and "Rock my Car".
In between the pure midtempo typical Scorps songs that get under your skin and will stay there like "Cath your Luck and Play", "Going out with a Bang" and "The Scratch".

It's simple, order this classic Scorpions album it's really one of their finest.

Tracklisting 1 Going Out with a Bang
2 We Built This House
3 Rock My Car
4 House of Cards
5 All for One
6 Rock ‘N’ Roll Band
7 Catch Your Luck and Play
8 Rollin’ Home
9 Hard Rockin’ the Place
10 Eye of the Storm
11 The Scratch
12 Gypsy Life


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