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Rival Schools - United by Fate

Johan Wippsson Format: Advance album
Release date: 2001-08-28
Label: Island Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Luke Ebbin
Artist discography


Rival School is a quite hyped over the net and I have received very nice words all over. It?s not actually my favourite type of rock, but I must say that theses guys are really great at times. Those Rivals plays rock with some punk and emo influences, which gives the album a quite unpolished feeling. The opener "Travel by Telephone" is a marvelous tune with a great melody, which are really worked out with crunchy guitars. ?Everything Has Its Point? is another very strong one that shows the best side of these ex Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits members. This won?t suit all readers cause this is at times a little to alternative, but for those who likes the stuff we have been given from Injected this year this 2001 album can be a nice surprise. A grower just tune on ?Used for glue? and get ready to rock!

Tracklisting 1. Travel By Telephone
2. Everything Has It's Point
3. High Acetate
4. Undercovers On
5. Good Things
6. Used For Glue
7. World Invitational
8. The Switch
9. Holding Sand
10. My Echo
11. Favourite Star
12. So Down On
13. Hooligans For Life


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