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Laika - Somnia

J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2014-09-30
Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Artist discography


Canadian melodic death metal band Laika has released a full-lenght album entitled "Somnia".
The music on this album is brutal yet catchy death metal, I would say it has the typical Swedish death metal sound in the same genre as At The Gates, Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity and Amon Amarth.
The music is very strong and has a nice level of brutality to it and Jordan Dorge voice fits perfect to this and his growls are convincing, while his vocals are in a perfect key with the music.
Everything about this album is very well done, from the guitar tone, the vocals, the lyrics, the drumming, the song writing to the cool and dark cover artwork.
"Somnia" is filled with brilliant songs, with absolutely no fillers to be found anywhere and every song on the album has some kind of hook to it and Laika surely knows how to conquer the listener.

I think the the production job on "Somnia" is great, the album sounds solid and full, with a great boost of energy and aggression and when played loud it makes everything sound huge and right in your face and that´s just how a Death Metal record should sound.
I love the whole album but songs worth checking out is the opening track "Restless Mind/Escalation Of Terror", the heavy track "Somnia", the instrumental and melodic "Dream of Nothing" and finally the slow, fast and dirty "Predictions (Tide Bearer)" that is filled with really cool riffs.

"Somnia" is a very interesting and excellent death metal album that every headbanger should own.
It has the classic Swedish Death Metal sound with a little twist in the sound that always gets the listener's attention.
So if you love old school death metal, then Laika´s album "Somnia" is absolutely worth checking out!


01. Restless Mind

02. Escalation Of Terror

03. Somnia

04. Fidelity

05. Caligae A Galea

06. Dream of Nothing

07. The Immortal

08. Predictions (Tide Bearer)

09. Invaders



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