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Fictionist - Lasting Echo

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2010-03-02
Label: Fictionist
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Fictionist
Artist discography


Fictionist´s debut "Lasting Echo" is not one of the cd´s I expected to jump out at me like it did on the first listen. The band creates moody atmospheric indie rock. Think a mix of The Reign of Kindo meets the ambiance of Pink Floyd with a mix of classic rock guitar leads. As you can tell by the last statement its hard to explain but once you hear them you´ll know what i mean. the album starts really strong with the first 4 tracks that i found myself not paying attention to much else than the music.

The album opens with "Always," the spaced out sound kicks into a soulful melodic rock that builds to a pulsating catchy chorus. "Human Wings" is my close second favorite on the album as its chorus is superb. "Blue Eyes Universe" is a fun loving pop gem that incorporates the bands more edgy material as the album starts to mellow out after this song. The majority of the record towards the end slows and incorporates more piano than that rock sound heard early in the album. "Sunshine of a Shell" get more into the piano rock of the bands and mellows the album. the end of the songs builds into a passionate closing.

The guitars on this record stand out to me, as they are more on the Queens of the Stone age tone, they blend in beautifully with the piano and other sounds in the background. "Time to Time" and "Deeper and Deeper" are some more highlights to the album. Whats great about this album is each song, even though they are majority piano rockers towards the end keep you interested. The band creates their mellow rock full of melodies and soft vocals. This is a great find if you in the mood for indie rock that wont kill your speakers. This is a rare gem that i did not expect to make it to my i-pod. This will be in full rotation now on my mix. Give these guys a shot as you will most likely end up buying it on March 2nd.

Tracklisting 1. Always
2. Human Wings
3. Blue-eyed Universe
4. Sunshine of a Shell
5. Strangers In the Dark
6. The Well-made Shadow
7. Time to Time
8. Suffering Angel
9. Deeper and Deeper
10. Fire Don't Set You Free
11. Have Mercy


Melodic Net Comments 

Guy Jones
Logan is spot on. Fictionist is fantastic live. I saw them last time they were in Austin. They are coming back this weekend for SXSW.

Have been following these guys for years. I love this new cd, but it really is nothing compared to their live sound. Favorite track: Strangers in the Dark The solos and melodies of this cd are tight and beautiful. You wont be disappointed if you grab this album. Just wish that it was on vinyl as well.

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