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Five Finger Death Punch - Live @ Brandt Centre - Regina,SK Canada

Reviewer :
Troy Kramm Format: Concert
Release date: 2010-04-02 Year: 2010
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


Legends of metal, Korn made a stop in Regina, SK alongside Five Finger Death Punch and 2 cents on April 2nd. Those who were in attendance absolutely got their metal fix and they have FFDP to thank for that. These guys absolutely stole the show. 2 cents opened up the show but you could tell a lot of people were not too familiar with the band, including myself. I don’t have much to say about them since I was waiting near the ticket office for my media passes to arrive. I asked people how the performance was and the majority of people gave me the same answer, “it was OK.” Needless to say I wasn’t worried that I missed something amazing.

Now Five Finger Death Punch on the other hand was absolutely jaw dropping. I have always been a fan of these guys but after this performance I truly appreciate what they do on a nightly basis. These guys absolutely brought it tonight. Lead singer Ivan Moody called out the crowd on how dead they we’re, saying “You guys are finally fucking awake.” That got everyone ready to go.

Ivan’s in between banter with the audience was fantastic. He would joke around with the crowd but at times he seemed very humble when referring to the crowd as his family. Before singing “Dying Breed” he even asked as many people in the audience to crowd surf up front so he could shake their hands during the performance. I mean how many bands do that? My favorite part of the night was when FFDP performed “Bad Company”. This performance put Ivan and the band in a class of their own. They sound better live than on their CD. There is so much more aggression that comes across, yet you can still hear Ivan perfectly. His vocal range is so impressive in person. It is hard to describe, it is truly something you have to see for yourself.

Five Finger Death Punch performed for about an hour before Korn took the stage. Honestly, that’s who the people came to see but by the end of the night the majority of them were likely more impressed with FFDP. This was actually my first time seeing Korn perform live. I have had the chance before but something always seemed to come up. I was finally glad I got to see these guys live, they definitely didn’t disappoint. They have been doing this for a long time and they looked like the pro’s they are up on stage. They had a very long set list with a mixture of old and new songs. The new songs from Korn III: Remember Who You Are weren’t received as well as I expected from the fans but that is likely because people are not too familiar with them. Everyone loved hearing song like “Freak On A Leash”, “Blind” and “Coming Undone”. The energy really picked up during their set. One thing I have to mention about the show is the security. I have to give props to Security Supervisor Greg and his staff. They did a hell of a job keeping people safe and making things run smooth. One of the best arena shows I have seen because of them.

This show was a great experience and I was glad to cross of Korn on my lists of bands I want to see live. If I had the chance to go to another one of their shows I would probably skip it though. As for Five Finger Death Punch, I will be going to see them as soon as possible. I urge you to do yourself a favor and check them out live.




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Hey five finger death punch is the best band in the world an it whold be the best brithday for me if I clould hang whith thim an if the call me

Troy K
Awesome stuff man. I hope to have a photo album posted on here soon with some more pics of the band. I am planning on reviewing and getting pics from plenty of Regina shows in the near future.

Shawn Sig
It was truly an amazing show. I've been listening to KoRn since 2001 and I just started listening to 5FDP last year, their music is incredible. They're definetly in my top 10 favorite bands of all time. 2Cents was very good too, since it was my first time listening to them at the Regina show. Your review of this show is very good, and thanks for putting the track list up, I'm only familiar with the songs off 5FDP first album as I just bought their second album.