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ForthAngel - Silver Bullets EP

Reviewer :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Ep
Release date: 2010-05-10 Year: 2010
Label: Independent
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: John Denosky
Artist discography


Silver Bullets is the new EP from the American band ForthAngel. The first EP got really hyped here at but I was not too impressed. It was a good EP but I did not think it was excellent by any means or standards. This new EP however feels much more focused in my opinion. Frontman Scott Fuller has a good voice with a nice range and he even hits the falsetto sometimes but I must say I really prefer it when he sings compared to when he screams/growls. If you like you rock music infused with keyboards there are many things to like about this album.

The song that really blew me away was the closing song Believe, a slow song that really showcases the vocal range of Mr. Fuller. The title track is also a good song and I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this EP. Out of six songs there are three songs that I would happily put on a mix CD if I made one. Believe is not only a good song, it is one of the better songs I have heard so far 2010. If nothing else, get this EP just based on that song! I am going to listen to it one more time.


Tracklisting 1 From the Deepest part of me

2 Silver Bullets*

3 Broken Home

4 Story of the world*

5 White Light

6 Believe*




Melodic Net Comments 

WOWWWWWWWWW! I just heard Forthangel's new songs and saw them in concert. That is all I can say!

I was just on Forthangel is on there for most requested song of the year and most requested song of the week. Congratulations Forthangel! You are a very talented band and deserve the recognition. I love all your songs, and your new song Heartsick is unbelievable.Keep up the hard work. YOU GUYS WILL MAKE IT.........You put your all into each and every song Love you guys.Everyone should give them a listen. They are also 19th on for Believe for softrock,. and 29th on BDS billboard charts.

WOW. I love this band! Their songs are great. The words have such depth, they gave me the chills. I love the vocals and the instrument playing is so tight. Forthangel, love you guys.

OMG! I just heard you guys on and i think it's safe to say you guys are the BEST metal band i have ever had the pleasure of finding!!!! Never stop making music!!!

Rock on Forthangel. You guys are the greatest. I love your music.

I just bought Forthangels cd. What an amazing cd it is. I love all of th songs, They are all so intense, great vocals, and the music and instruments sound fantastic, a definite 5+++.

I just bought the new cd by Forthangel-Silver Bullets. I heard them on the internet radio station They are number 1 for 2011 and for the week. What an awesome musical and vocal experience. I can't believe a label hasn't picked them up!

I just listened to Forthangel's new ep Silver Bullets. What a great ep. All the songs are awesome but I really loved the title song Silver Bullets. It's a must have ep.

Wow! Forthangel is amazing! I first heard them on the Call FM radio station so looked them up on their myspace. All of their songs are brilliant. Their song Believe is playing right now on 31 radio stations and they were mentioned in Billboard as most added on radio stations. I am definately a huge fan forever.

This is a must hear album! I love it!

Todd P
I just heard forthangel for the first time on pandora they kick ass. I love this cd!

Forthangel is a band that will be around for a long time. I listen to their music daily and can not decide what song could be a favorite, they are all so awesome. Everyone give them a listen as will be come a Forthangel fan. Just go to their Myspace. I hear they are also coming out with 2 new songs for Pandora radio.

Forthangel RAWKS! They have amazing lyrics, vocals, and musicians. Their music is addictive to anyone who will give it a listen. I can't get enough! RAWK on Forthangel.

I just found Forthangel on their Myspace. Love, Love, Love their music. It is beyond awesome!

Forthangel is the best new band that I have heard. They are a complete and whole package. Their musicians, vocals, screaming, and words to the songs put everything together. I enjoy their music so much I can listen to it over and over. I am very bewildered that someone hasn't signed them yet. I am passing the word....FORTHANGEL!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the word going. They will be big!

Can't get enough of Forthangel. Excited about their new songs that are going to be recorded on 9-24 and 25. Also, I wish them good luck on The Alternative Addiction contest. You guys are great and I am so proud of all of you.

I love this CD! I can't wait for the new songs that FA is recording this coming weekend!

Dear Henrik, Thank you for your response,and you are so right.Good things are coming. I also loved your review of Forthangel and that they are artist of the week. Yea

Henrik / Melodic
Linda, good things come to those who wait ;)

Personally, I like all of Forthangel's songs. Everyone that you listen to has such deep meaning, and has an impact on someone in one way or another. Their lyrics are fantastic,the vocals are awesome, and the music is powerful. It makes me feel great after listening to their EP.I think they should be interviewed by you so that you can get the meaning behind their songs.Forthangel will be around for a very long time.

Thank you for putting Forthangel up for Artist of the Week!!! They are very deserving of it, and it means alot to them, i am sure, and also to all of their devoted fans. What a great compliment to such an awesome band to get this recognition!!!!!!!

"Believe" is the most amazing song I've ever heard. Anyone whose life has been torn by the effects of cancer will completely understand the heart of this song. Why isn't this on the radio? I've never heard anything like "Silver Bullets." With an analogy of a werewolf and silver bullets, ForthAngel, speaks ginormous truth - life is not hopeless. Melodic gave ForthAngel 3.5 stars but their fans seem to agree with me - pure 5.

Solid ep.... epic and unforgettable!! H

Epic! Very Solid!

This EP is amazing! "From the Deepest Part of Me" is the best track!

I think you should put Forthangel up as Artist of the Week. They definitely deserve it. They are a sick band and are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Cudos Forthangel!!!

This is amazing

I absolutely love this CD! Also ForthAngel was just chosen as band of the month on

hi m encanta el nuevo album

Frickin sweet!

Best CD so far this year! Pick this one up!

If you go on youtube and type in Forthangel-Rox they have a really good video playing White Light. Great song! Great video. Forthangel is awesome.

One of the best EP's I've heard this year! Pure excellence

i cant believe how great these songs sound.. they sound awesome live.. but getting to hear every little detail recorded really blows my mind! LOVE IT!!

Henrik / Melodic
Mima, try their Reverbnation site, I think the lyrics are on there!

ok I adore this band and have bought the album, but I am the type of gal that likes to have the lyrics close at hand. Anyone know where I can get the lyrics to this album from?

if you wanna hear a band that has awesome melody, and rocking vocals, you need to listen to forthangel! they are the best band i have heard in a long time with meaninful, and powerful lyrics to their music. not only is their music amazing on their cd's but they are terrific live, which is rare with most bands. i am so glad they have come out with a second cd! i have been waiting for it, and the wait was worth it! i love the new music! it is incredible!

I just listened to Forthangel's new cd Silver Bullet's. I think all the song's are fantastic, I don't think I could even pick out a favorite, they are all so different, but great. Keep on rocking us on,Forthangel!

I just got off of Forthangel's Myspace and they have an extreme sports video by Thunderstruck with their song Sign's of Struggle playing in the background. How awesome is that. Check it out. I thought their last cd couldn't be beat, but they have definitely outdone themselves with Silver Bullets. Hurray for Forthangel, you guys are the greatest.

This is my new favorite CD!

This EP is SICK! Highly Recommended!