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Westworld - Cyberdreams

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Z
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Westworld
Artist discography


Thinking about what musicians that is behind this hardrock group makes me feel that one can expect more than the final result of the three albums they have done. Cyberdreams is their third and nothing has been improved since the selftitled debut in 99! Like on that record,there are a few good songs really worth the time listening to but overall a halfdone story I?m afraid. I have loved Tony Harnell?svoice since the first day I heard him sing on T.N.T?s Knights of the new thunder and beeing a huge T.N.T fan,I always have high expectations on the works he?s been involved in. Maybe he?s doing just a little too much these days with this album,his own project Morning Wood together with Al Pitrelli and a new record with T.N.T that will be out later next year. I have never been a big fan of guitarist Mark Reale from Riot that have some truely boring solos on this album and the songwriting has never been his strong side. But with Bassplayer Bruno Ravel from Danger Danger,I think we can settle for more than the softie kinda melodic hard rock with minor exciting refrains that Westworld is giving us. Ohyeah I like the T.N.T sounding "When I come home" and "How good it feels",if it had been a few more of those classy songs I have been a whole lot happier. One thing that speaks for the whole album is a tune like "What if" that has a splendid riff on the verse but a bitter grey chorus or "Righteous one" with it?s lovely cool refrain melody but a zzzzzleepy verse. No you guys,I know there are many who loves this kinda hard rock but I?m not. OK is the two letters that makes the final rating. Oh did I mention the dry and thin production that they?d handled by!,well now I have...just listen to the drumsound,now where?s that mosquito hammering....dink dink!


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