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Greensleeves - The Elephant Truth

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2010-08-24
Label: Two Side Moon
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Victor Schmidlin
Artist discography


Greensleeves is a progressive metal band from Brazil, their concept album "The elephant truth" contains 23 tracks where the majority are very short, only around 2-3 minutes long. There are traces of Iron Maiden and Queensryche in their sound and there are in fact some good ideas on this album but it doesn´t hold as a complete work. I did try to get into these complex songs but I couldn´t find anything that felt exciting enough to go back and listen to it again. Sorry lads, write better songs next time.

Tracklisting 1. The Coward's Refuge
2. Parasites In Paradise
3. Fight My Fear
4. Not So Long
5. Come Back To Myself
6. Exit
7. Touch of the Wind
8. Out of Reality
9. Invisible Man
10. Time Should Be An Ally
11. Introspection
12. Crisis
13. Best Friends
14. The Blind Men and the Elephant
15. Blind By Choice
16. Recipes For the Greatest Lie
17. Engineers of the Day
18. Flood
19. Red Ocean
20. Passage
21. Epiphany
22. The Sentence
23. The Coward's Refuse


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