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3 Doors Down - Away from the sun

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Republic Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Rick Parashar
Artist discography


The 12 of November is the release date to the group who sold 5 millions of their debut album. If you asked if they would sell as much with this new effort I would answer both yeas and no. No because that 3 years has gone since their debut and they have a lot more bands to fight with and mostly because that this doesn?t sound that revolutionary as ?The Better life? did. I would answer yes because that I think that this is a better album with a better line-up of songs and a fresher production. The first single ?When I?m gone? is a typical 3 Doors down song with a softer verse and a chorus built up with powerful guitars. It?s a nice song that probably will make the fans satisfied and it should also give them plenty of air space. Other great tunes are the marvelous title track, which is more laidback history and got to be a single in the future. Third out ?The road I?m on? and ?Running out of days? are two other candidates for single tracks in the future and proofs that these guys are very trustful when it comes to good modern rock. I also have to mention the personal favorite ?Dangerous game? with a bloody good riff! Musically ?Away from the sun? is their best record so far, but since the business is tougher these days I think that it will be tough to get the same success as ?The better life? album. A good solid album that should be checked up if you?re into Nickelback, Fuel or Default.

Tracklisting 1. When I'm Gone
2. Away From The Sun
3. The Road I'm On
4. Ticket To Heaven
5. Running Out Of Days
6. Here Without You
7. I Feel You
8. Dangerous Game
9. Changes
10. Going Down In Flames
11. Sarah Yellin'
12. This Time


Melodic Net Comments 

Sometimes I wonder why just ?this band and that band? gets bigger ?than that band? and all the others, if you get my point. What is the recipe? I mean, I like 3 Doors Down, no doubt about that, but what do they have that 132 other bands that haven?t got a commercial success we have reviewed here at the Melodic Net doesn?t have? Nothing. Just to be on the right place at the right time I believe. Anyway ? then new 3 Doors Down album is solid modern rock with good hooks and great guitarbased refrains. Music that the ?normal? Swedish press will puke on when they write about. (As they did on the AOR music back in the 80?s). So, to the music then? Second out ?Away From The Sun? is a great tune with a great portion of melody and there are tons of songs on here in the same calibre. I haven?t listened to their previous album for a long time now and I couldn?t really compare the work right now to this album but my feeling is that I wasn?t this impressed by their latest effort. This is sure a cool damn cool moment of modern rock and a sure buy if you like Tonic, Matchbook 20 and Neve just to mention four bands in the same genre. The sound of the album is also worth mentioning. Rick Parashars work is impressive.
2003-04-11 10:09:13

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