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Aaron Crider - The change

Cor Jan Kat Format: Album
Release date: 2010-09-14
Label: ? 2011 Mosaic Artistry Group
Genre: Christian Pop
Producer: Steve Hindalong
Artist discography


How this album came to existance, from his bio:

“The Change might be the only album truly inspired by a presidential campaign. When Aaron Crider was watching the 2008 presidential race, “Change You Can Believe In” became a favored slogan across the nation. But Crider, a young worship leader had a bigger vision. No one person should we put our faith and trust in. That is just beyond earthly power. And the theme behind The Change was birthed. Do you need help in your personal life, your family, your job, your finances, your health? The only true change we can believe in comes from Christ, and Christ alone. In the last ten years, Aaron and his family have faced incredible hardship. Like many in America, he has faced financial woes and lived without monetary certainty. He has faced losing close family members, as well as three children, including a set of twins to miscarriage and another little boy who died during early labor as well. All of this was after Aaron had followed a calling to step out in faith as a worship leader, in addition to the Lord's promise to give him a son. To create The Change, Crider teamed up with acclaimed songwriter and producer Steve Hindalong. The two quickly connected sharing life stories of hope and hardship, and soon Hindalong’s talent and priorities were inspiring and challenging the young songwriter. “Steve was able to help me dig deeper lyrically,” Crider explains. “He stretched me to not write my First idea, the first cliché. This recording process taught me to grow in ways I never thought, to state ideas that hadn’t been said before instead of finding the easy rhyme scheme. I’m most certainly a better writer after spending weeks in the studio working on this project. “But probably more importantly, Steve was able to show me in his life and personality what true success in music looks like. It has nothing to do with record sales. At the end of the day, what matters is family. Do your kids know that you love them? Does your wife know that she is adored? True success can only come when both questions are answered positively. Steve’s life put these words into action.” The result of this pairing is The Change. A project that is full of questions yet resting in the knowledge that we can be content in not understanding everything that is going on in our world. But one moment in the presence of the King can remind us that that our true hope can only come from Him. When playing and leading worship, Crider’s heart is purely seeking an audience with his Savior while encouraging those who listen interactively to join in with their utmost all in worship and praise. Combine this with a genuine compassion, sharing a message and testimony of what extraordinary things God has done in his life. He has faced the uncertainty of dark valleys and despair, but risen above with new countenance and perspective on God's promises and what worship truly means. He has had his head in his hands and cried out to the Lord with praise in the midst of the bleakest hours of his life. As a result of Aaron's heart and faithfulness, Aaron feels like the Lord has taught him the real meaning of praise and worship. “I realized in that moment that when life is nailing you and you can lift your hands anyways, that is true worship," Aaron stated in a recent interview. Worship is more of a state of heart, state of mind and how we respond to life and what it throws at us. Not our typical picture of singing on Sundays. It goes way beyond that to the core of who we are and what we lift up to the Lord, when all else is crumbling around us. This compassion is evident in his work with Mission of Mercy and Project AK47, helping children in the most volatile of living situations. Crider’s song from The Change titled “One Child Matters” is now the theme song for the non-profit Mission of Mercy, and with them, he will be traveling to the Philippines in July to aid in their projects dealing with human trafficking. Crider is also working closely with Project AK47, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates child soldiers in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Aaron has come a long way. From a 7 year old boy that received a keyboard as a present and learned a few chords for fun, to a man of vision and integrity who embodies God's promises and keeps them in his heart, Aaron brings this message to all who hears his music. His stance is heartfelt and real, "This is what I was made for! I feel called to do this!" He is a father to two beautiful girls and, yes, a one-year-old boy named Samuel. Crider’s life is a testament that The Change you can believe in is simply a relationship with Jesus. And Aaron hopes to spread this news to anyone and everyone he can reach, one song and one person at a time. “


My short opinion:

A good album with piano-based melodic pop/rock songs especially in the style of Mark Schultz and also other worship artists like Matt Redman and Michael W. Smith. The lyrics are honost and based on personal experience and everyday life examples.

Favourite songs “One child matters”,  “You reign” and “The change”.

Tracklisting 1. Hallelu
2. You Reign
3. Bless Your Name
4. We Worship You
5. The Change
6. One Child Matters
7. How He Loves
8. The Way It Goes
9. This Window
10. With You


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