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Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six

Reviewer :
J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2015-09-04 Year: 2015
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


Five Finger Death Punch will release their new album with the title "Got Your Six" on September 4th.
They aren't treading any new musical ground on this new release but at the same time Five Finger Death Punch continues to create great metal with their own distinctive sound and whether you call it a style or a formula it is immediately recognizable.

On "Got Your Six" everything has got a little bit more focused so nothing is really that light or heavy, and the album is a little bit more uptempo than the earlier with more faster and mid-tempo songs, but there is no questioning the quality of sound throughout the album.
Moodys voice is as great as ever and with Bathory and Hook on guitar, Spencer on drums and Chris Kael's on heavy bass FFDP are working in perfect sync with one another and delivers a new solid album.
The album opens up with the track “Got Your Six” and it is a great and tight song to start the album with,
with the classic FFDP sound and a nice groovy riff that’s bound to get you headbanging.
Then comes the single “Jekyll and Hyde”, a really great song with a cool chorus and an amazing solo.
"Wash It All Away” is a heavy song with intensity and with a classic FFDP chorus.
Track number 4 is called “Ain’t My Last Dance” and it holds one of the heaviest riffs ever done by FFDP, pretty cool.
“My Nemesis” is a mid-tempo song and one of my personal favourites on this album with a great chorus and once again it includes a very nice and melodic guitar solo.
“No Sudden Movement” is a classic FFDP song with some really great shredding.
"Question Everything" is another stand out track on the album and another of my favourites with a cool little acoustic section.
Track number 8 “Hell To Pay” is another heavy track with some nice and cool guitar riffs.
“Digging My Own Grave” is a great classic FFDP mid-tempo song with a great chorus.
“Meet My Maker” is another another ass-kicking-inspired song and the last song “Boots and Blood” is a classic FFDP song with a lot of aggression and catchy groove riffs and it is a good song to finish the album.
Ivan is a vocalist that is audible with the dynamic ability to both have smooth and gruff vocals and it always works out well. And the guitar work from Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook on this album is truly amazing and features brutal riffs and explosive solos and with the solid drum/bass synchronization of Spencer/Kael it all sounds tight and spot on.
Some songs on this album needs more than one chance but after listening to this album a couple of times I must say that I am really impressed that FFDP once again delivers a album that sounds like a complete piece, well thought out and consistent.

Songs worth checking out is “Got Your Six”, “My Nemesis”, “No Sudden Movement” and “Question Everything”.
Overall I think that “Got Your Six” is musically solid and I don´t think that any true FFDP fans will be disappointed.


1. “Got Your Six”

2. “Jekyll and Hyde”

3. “Wash It All Away”

4. “Ain’t My Last Dance”

5. “My Nemesis”

6. “No Sudden Movement”

7. “Question Everything”

8. “Hell To Pay”

9. “Digging My Own Grave”

10. “Meet My Maker”

11. “Boots and Blood”


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