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Unruly Child - Basement Demos

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Unruly Child released their debut album back in 1992 and is one of my favourite AOR/MHR albums of all time. It was produced by Beau Hill and got great respons from both public and critics but it was the year that the music scene changed and Unruly Child vanished. Mark Free went solo and released two album, the second under the name Marcie Free with Unruly Child/Twele Pound Slege songs. 1998 Unruly Child was back with the album "Waiting For The Sun" with a new vocalist. It was the former Hurrican singer Kelly Hansen behind the mic. It?s now 2002 and the album "Basement Demos" serves as an appetizer to the uninitiated as it includes all the demo songs that the band ever wrote and recorded in the time frame between 1992-1994. Therefore it is possible to find both all the original versions of the songs that ended up on the Unruly Child debut album plus all the Twelve Pound Sledge demos. Almost every song has been recorded by Unruly Child but there is couple of exceptions like "Unruly Child", "Undefeated", "Down e Road", "Live Without Love" and "True Love". Ok these songs are not the best ones that they have written but still nice to hear and hear Mark Free?s superb voice. As a special bonus this cd features a free DVD which includes some exclusive video footage of the making of the first Unruly Child record, live versions of "Wind Me Up", "When The Love Is Gone" and "On The Rise" plus an exclusive and revealing interview with founding members Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allsion. If you don?t have the hard to find debut album of Unruly Child then this is a must for you and for those that already have the debut you still got to get this because of the DVD that comes with this release. This is also an appetizer for the new Unruly Child album that will come out early next year with their new vocalist Philip Bardowell (Magdalen).


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