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Kiss - Carnival of souls

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-03-02 Year: 1997
Label: Mercury
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Toby Wright / Paul Stanley / Gene Simmons
Artist discography


In 1995, Stanley and Simmons looked at the charts and noticed Grunge was a big thing so they decided on making a dark and real heavy album far from the 80´s party rock they had left already on the previous Revenge album. They worked with Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, KoRn, Sevendust) and planned on releasing it 1996but it was cancelledwhen Kissannounced their reunion tour. "Carnival of souls" was released in 1997 and it´s the only album together with The Elder that didn´t reach Gold status. If you ask me, this doesn´t sound like a Kiss album at all. I never understood this sound and I think I only listened to it twice, quite ok as a numetal album but rather crappy as a Kiss album.

Tracklisting 1. Hate
2. Rain
3. Master & Slave
4. Childhood's End
5. I Will Be There
6. Jungle
7. In My Head
8. It Never Goes Away
9. Seduction Of The Innocent
10. I Confess
11. In The Mirror
12. I Walk Alone


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Did you know that?

Kiss & their management company bought over 190 acres in ’79 to build a Kiss amusement park but the park was never built.

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