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Walter Trout - Battle Scars

J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2015-10-23
Genre: Classic Rock,  Blues
Artist discography


Blues guitarist Walter Trout is back with a new album called "Battle Scars".
At the beginning of last year he was seriously ill in hospital with liver failure before he received a life saving transplant, but even then blood loss meant his recovery wasnt quick and altogether he spent 6 months in hospital.

Understandably these experiences have shaped the writing of this new album and
from start til finish you can really feel every song deep down, in every note Walter plays and every word he sings and if you have any love for the blues, you will feel the tug on your heart when he pours his heart out as he plays what he feels.

Overall this album is fantastic and as you can imagine for an album based around his illness, the lyrics are moving and personal.
I love the whole album from the beginning til the end but songs worth checking out are the opening song “Almost Gone", an amazing song with beautiful emotional lyrics.

"It captures the strength I got from my wife, urging me to go on fighting when I was in pain, and on the verge of death,” says Trout. “I looked up into her eyes, and she gave me the power to carry on. That experience is reflected in my playing on the song.”

Another great song is “Omaha”, a song about his time in Nebraska medical centre and the lyrics refer to needing something for the pain, having blood taken, people nearby dying and more, really telling you what it was like for him in his time there.
"Please Take Me Home” is a really beautiful song and truly shows the emotion and the passion Walter feels for his music and it is clearly evident in every note he sings and as for his guitar work, well that is just amazing.
"Cold, Cold Ground", is a really cool and slow blues song with (once again) some amazing guitar work and finally "Gonna Live Again", another beautiful song where Walter is asking God Why me, when so many people died waiting, why did I survive?

Overall, this album is amazing, filled with beautiful emotional lyrics and excellent guitar work.
I might even go as far as to say that it's my favourite Walter Trout album and one thing is for sure,
Mr. Trout knows what the blues is all about.


1. Almost Gone

2. Omaha Prelude

3. Omaha

4. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away

5. Please Take Me Home

6. Playin’ Hideaway

7. Haunted By The Night

8. Fly Away

9. Move On

10. My Ship Came In

11. Cold, Cold Ground

12. Gonna Live Again


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