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Alicate - World Of Anger

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2009
Label: Forest
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Alicate
Artist discography


Thanks to "Mr Hard Rock Bible" himself, Janne Stark, I got to know about this nice band from the south of Sweden. ALICATE is another band right in the borderland between melodic hard rock and AOR. They actually released a vinyl single in the dawn of time, and then all of a sudden released this full length CD in 2009. The style ranges from rather pompous AOR and hard rock close to MAGNUM (UK), to heavy melodic hard rock somewhere close to what BLACK SABBATH was doing in the 90's - or the latest effort by TREAT.

One of the strongest songs of the album is the semi-ballad "Farewell" which would have fit on any DARE album! It has a richness and sound that's even close to a major label production, which impresses on me. I mentioned TREAT's album of 2010, and it comes to mind in songs like "Don't Shut Me Out" or "Built On Dreams", added by a pomp spice. Singer JONAS ERIXON has a very nice voice which contributes to the MAGNUM feeling, since he's close to BOB CATLEY on many occasions. One MAGNUM sounding tune is for example "Dream On", which would also have fit any ASIA album during the John Payne era. This is a very good CD and I sincerely hope these guys won't wait another decade or two before the next album! Great songs, good playing and a way above average production makes this CD worth having for any Scandi hard rock and AOR collector. Well, for many other music fans as well.

Tracklisting 1. Etacila Prelude
2. Blame
3. World Of Anger
4. Dream On
5. Pray
6. Built On Dreams
7. Until The End
8. Hello
9. Ain't The Place To Be
10. Don't Shut Me Out
11. Farewell


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