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Last In Line - Heavy Crown

Reviewer :
Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-02-19 Year: 2016
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Jeff Pilson
Artist discography


Last In Line, is formed by three original members of Dio; namely Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice  and Jimmy Bain. They are joined by former Lynch Mob vocalist Andrew Freeman and keyboard player Claude Schnell.
The first track ‘Devil In Me’ starts the album with a nice heavy  riff,  I It immediate made me look at it with another angle then comparing it to DIO. This band has his own soul which is also due to Freemans vocals.
Andrew has a very impressive powerfull voice with a nice raw edge. Pure Hard Rock!

‘Martyr’ is like the first track a typical classic hardrock song but more modern and sets the vibe for the album.

‘Starmaker’ is a superb song and gives Freeman the freedom to expose his quality as a singer, Take a good listen to the quality of the music by the way! Excellent.

These great opening tracks are follow up equally in quallity by ‘Burn This House Down’, and ‘I Am Revolution’ follows, with a fantastic great sing-a-long chorus.

‘Blame It On Me’ features fantastic guitarplaying from Viv; He really has his fingers working like a magician. This high standard of playing instrumensts is there by all musicians in the band.
You can hear they bond as a band!

‘Already Dead’ is a straight forward thack but this is not bad at all, it is simple but it rocks!

‘Curse The Day’, really exposes Freeman's vocal talents, as I have previously mentioned, a real powerhouse. I've never heard him sing this strong in Lynch Mob.

Appice and Bain really get the groove inside ‘Orange Glow’.

‘Heavy Crown’ as the titlesong slowes down the album a bit, this really is one hell of a song, love it, it gets under my skin and stayes there forever.

The albums last song ‘The Sickness finishes the album like it started, tight steady pure hardrock.

This is a superb release, with some looking back to where they came from back in the days with DIO but absolutely with a fresh new direction and a fanstastic production by veteran Jeff Pilson.

Hopefully Last in Line will continue as a band in this line-up for years to come!

Tracklisting 1. Devil
2. Martyr
3. Starmaker
4. Burn This House Down
5. I Am Revolution
6. Blame It on Me
7. Already Dead
8. Curse the Day
9. Orange Glow
10. Heavy Crown
11. The Sickness


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