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Minora - Imago

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2011-01-28
Label: Dead Tree Music
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: David Castillo
Artist discography


I got this album sent to me as a promo. At that point I had never heard Minora before but I gave them a chance and I am glad I did. Imagine hints of Deftones and Tool with a splash of Katatonia and some A Perfect Circle and you are on your way. This is music that is quite beautiful while yet heavy and filled with down tuned riffs. Atmospheric is a good word to describe the music.

A song that I really like is Disconnected. Actually, there is not a song that I dislike on here and they manage to make their very own version of Jóga by Björk. Although there is a dark feel to the music it never gets too heavy and sad but instead manages to balance on the edge. I also like the vocals by Tommie Zetterberg, they suit the music very well.

Buy this if you have the above mentioned bands among your favorites along with Khoma. It is not music that will fill you with joy and laughter but I still find myself smiling when listening to this album. Why? Because it is a damn good album, that is why!

Tracklisting 1. Mountain
2. November
3. Disconnected
4. Between the Window Glasses
5. A New Dawn
6. My Goodbye
7. Descending
8. Jóga
9. The 4th Drive
10. Silence


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