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Cold - Superfiction

Tom Spinelli Format: Advance album
Release date: 2011-07-19
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


On July 19th, Cold will make their return to the music scene after being on hiatus for the past several years. Singer Scooter Ward was focusing on his side project "The Killer and The Star" which was very different from Cold. After much speculation of who were actually in the band and with many push backs, we will finally see this release. The band returns to some familiar territory with this album as well as exploring the new. You will hear some classic COLD on this record as well as some "The Killer and The Star" influences.

"Wicked World" starts the album with its "Just Got Wicked"- like sound. I hate to compare the music to the previous albums but for the die hard fans I will. “13 Ways to Bleed comes to mind when hearing the opener for the album and will put a smile on any COLD fans face. "What Happens Now" could have been off of the last COLD album with its big chorus and chugging guitars leading the front. I believe "American Dream" can be the next single from the record as it has radio written all over it. This song starts with an eerie ballad like guitar line that kicks into a big melodic chorus. The bridge of the song is my personal favorite with the gang vocals singing ",,,, And the Stars will shine in Hollywood." "Welcome2MyWorld" is more to the range of "Stupid Girl" and not as heavy but in the 6/8 time signature this is a great sound for the band to take on. This is a fun upbeat type of song for Cold.

The song "Emily" has a very dark chorus and a grunting Ward that we haven’t heard in a while. Towards the end of the album we get into the slower songs. "Delivering the Saint," "So Long June" and "Flight of the Superstar" were the Killer and The Star songs resurrected to COLD status. You can tell since Ward is singing the same as he does in TKATS but with a little more auto tune this time. "The Park" gets back to the typical COLD sound, heavy and melodic.

So the question is will COLD fans like this album? Yes. They will love it. Again, not the best album, but definitely on the right track for bring the band back together and hope to see more from this band soon. The stories that Ward tells on this album and the lyrics are quite good as they do a great job brining COLD back to life.

Tracklisting 1. Wicked World
2. What Happens Now
3. American Dream
4. The Break
5. Welcome2MyWorld
6. Emily
7. The Crossroads
8. Delivering the Saint
9. So Long June
10. The Park
11. Flight of the Superstar
12. The Ballad of the Nameless
13. Dream On


Melodic Net Comments 

I think this is by far the biggest surprise that Cold could have delivered. Their new album Superfiction touches the heart and sparks the mind with every song coming to life in motion while listening to its content. While the musicianship takes you away to leave you lost, every song has something new to offer, leaving you lost over and over, but in the best way imaginable.
2011-07-26 09:06:21

Besides Wicked World this album is just another rehashed watered down version of themselves. The lost their balls after 13 Ways To Bleed. It is very obvious that this band is just going for radio hit after radio hit and has forgotten that they once were an innovative, original band that didn't give a crap about Radio and mainstream garbage. This album is a big dissapointment. I had high hopes after hearing Wicked World, but after that it just goes downhill and even sounds like The Killer and The Star on most of it. American Dream is a good pop song that should get them some serious radio play. So hopefully Scooter selling out and going for Mainstream success may pan out with that song. just a real shame this is the same band that put out the S/T album and 13 Was To Bleed On Stage. Where are the guitars? Where is the edge? This is boring and predictable. 2/5
2011-07-23 13:31:15

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