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Chameleo - Track of time

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-06-10 Year: 2011
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop
Producer: Jan Bjorsland
Artist discography


Jan Bjorsland aka Chameleo, released his debut album "Ready to live" in 2006 which was a very nice pop album. Even though Jan comes from Norway, his new album "Track of time" sounds like a true Nashville product. This album was already recorded in 2009 but not released until now, I think these two albums are quite different from eachother so it´s not easy to compare them so I won´t. The new album isn´t a 100% country oriented record, there are traces of midwest rock and pop that bring thoughts to the first album as well. There are times when I think of a mix between Wallflowers and The Corrs whenI listen to "Track of time", Jan´s songs make me feel real comfortable with soothing melodies in songs like "All we need" and "One more time". Music made for the summer so to speak, just listen tothe title track or "Drop of water", real sunny and bright stuff. Check him out folks.


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