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J.R. Richards - Stripped

J.R. Richards - Stripped

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2016-02-14 Year: 2016
Label: Independent
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


J.R. Richards, ex frontman of the alternative rock band Dishwalla just released his second solo album, Honore et Amore. An absolutely terrific album if you like melodic pop / rock with beautiful and sentimental melodies. As part of the pledge campaign that financed the album, he also recorded this album entitled, Stripped. This was done to celebrate 20 years since the release Dishwalla’s Pet Your Friends album. And he wanted to release an acoustic, stripped-down version of the songs in the way he initially wrote them.
Now we have songs from all the albums, which I appreciate because I prefer the band's last two as even, strangely enough, the least successful for the band.
And cannot say other than that this is an absolutely magical album, that shows what an incredible singer and songwriter he is. With tracks like "Until I Wake Up", "Angels or Devils" and "Home" Modern Rock doesn’t get any better. Is also really happy that he recorded two of my favorites in "Nashville Skylines" from Opaline (2002) and "Collide" from their self-titled album from 2005. And of course we also get their two biggest hits "Counting Blue Cars And" Charlie Brown's Parents”, both taken from the debut. I only miss "Somewhere in the Middle", but apart from that, the song selection on Stripped absolutely perfect.
So this is of course an album that you cannot live without so go buy it at once here:

Tracklisting 1. Home
2. Collide
3. Candleburn
4. Give
5. Mad Life
6. Charlie Brown's Parents
7. Angels or Devils
8. Every Little Thing
9. Until I Wake Up
10. Nashville Skyline
11. Counting Blue Cars


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